The ignition switch located on the steering compartment ignites the engine to set the car in motion. By implication, without the ignition system, our auto-mobiles irrespective of the model, or make will not function effectively. Many issues could be responsible for the numerous ignition challenges which affect the ignition system. Many times, car owners are not aware of these symptoms not until they deteriorate badly. What are the signs of a bad ignition?

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Ignition Switch

The Ignition switch is frequently put to use. Due to its regular usage, tear and wear sets in; thus issues arise. Apparently, a faulty ignition switch will develop the following symptoms.

Car stalls while in motion: This is an early symptom signaling a problem with the ignition switch. Your car suddenly stalls while the engine is on, and power is cut off from the fuel system and the ignition hence; stalling the car.
Car alternates between starting and stalling: Yet again, does your car momentarily ignite but gets stalled? Then the ignitions may be faulty.
Powering on the accessories: It is expected that your automobile accessories including the lighting systems will be powered on whenever the vehicle is ignited. The reverse is the case when the ignition is faulty.

Fixing your ignition problem

Specific issues may also hinder your keys from turning in the ignition of your automobile. Some are restricted to some models while others are general. However, here are common ways used to fix minor ignition issues.

Examine the key for damage: If your key not turning, the right pins are no longer engaged to the depth that is sufficient to rotate the cylinder. Check for wear and tear. It may likely remove the teeth. Replace if necessary.
Be sure nothing is stocked to the key: Check to see that nothing is stocked to the teeth of the key. It triggers improper engagement. Clean and re-insert. Aside from starting your car, do not put your keys to other uses.

More so, examine the batteries to be sure that they are correctly connected, the fuel gauge isn’t damaged and the starter compartment is in the right shape.

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