There is obviously nothing more important than having a secure home. This assertion should be the fundamental objective for every homeowner, and as such, should be a constant reminder that security is paramount in ensuring the safety of people and properties in every household.

No doubt, the most cost-effective way of maintaining and strengthening the security in the home is by rekeying, rather than changing the entire key locks. But the question is, how to know why and when to rekey your locks.

Here are 5 reasons that center on why and when it is ideal to rekey your locks:

When You’ve Lost Your Keys

Once in a while or even frequently, we misplace our keys. If you find yourself in this situation and your search did not yield any positive results, the best thing to do is to consult an experienced locksmith to help you do a rekey. You may not be too sure if your lost key fell into the wrong hands but to be safer, we advise that you do a rekey in order to secure your home from unwanted visitors properly.

When You Move into a New Home

Immediately you move into your new apartment, it is ideal you replace the old key with a new one. We often meet old keys to a new apartment we just moved into, not knowing the previous people who have access to that key. This is the reason it is always advisable to immediately rekey or change the locks of your new home so that strangers cannot have their way in.

When Your Home Was Broken Into

This indeed is the best time to rekey your locks and you shouldn’t delay at all. This action helps to prevent future reoccurrence. At Tucson Locksmith, we do understand the horrible trauma caused by a home break-in, this is the reason we recommend that you call on us to rekey your locks immediately so that you can have a sense of comfort and avoid having a repeated feeling of trauma.

When A Housemate Leaves the Apartment

Perhaps you sublet space in your apartment, you should know that doing a rekey is the smartest thing to do immediately after the occupant relocates from your home. With this, you’ll be sure to feel much safer, knowing that the old tenant no longer has access to your house. When you wonder why and when to rekey your locks, this surely is the right time.

Immediately You Broke Up With A Partner

If you just broke up from your relationship, we are very sorry about that. Well, life must go on. With the pains you’re facing, being conscious of your home security may not be your uppermost concern, but we think it should be. That partner who left shouldn’t have access to come in again.


This is the most appropriate time to rekey your locks and this is obviously the fastest and cheapest thing to do in order to secure your home.

The above points give super clues on why and when it is time to rekey your locks. We at Locksmith Tucson are poised to ensure that the security of your home is restored, no matter the circumstances that led to a break in the key locks.

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