Your lock is the first layer of security at your home and office. It helps you secure your assets against theft. Also, it ensures you enjoy some level of privacy. It can discourage people’s direct access to you. With a good lock, you can enjoy peace of mind wherever you may be.

However, you need to understand that a lock can’t be efficient forever. You should consider replacing it when you:

Moving to a new home

Most of us forget to replace our lock when we move into a new home, office, or business. However, we need to understand that the old owner of the property may still have keys to the home. There will still be certain copies of the key at realtors, home service providers, and other people to whom the old owner may give a copy like friends and family. The implication of such circumstances can be costly. As you know, you can’t trust everyone with your private things. To avoid any unpleasant future circumstances, it’s recommended that you change your locks.

Lost Key

When you lose the key to your home or office, access to it is now in the hands of a stranger. The effect of such a circumstance could be a break-in. Since you won’t want to experience such a case, you should consider replacing your key.

Recent break-in

If you’ve hosted unwanted intruders in your home, you need to start to find an alternative for your home key. Once an intruder has been able to access your home without your permission, he/she will always seek alternatives to break into your home again. The person may also find a copy of your key and have created extra copies of your keys and handed them over to different people. You need to consider changing your keys to avoid the reoccurrence of the circumstance. Also, there is a good chance that your locks got damaged during the break-in, install new locks, and consider installing high-security locks.

Break up / Fired an employee or service provider

In a situation where you just experienced divorce or breakup, or you fired an employee or service provider, you need to plan to change your keys. In some cases, the relationship does not end well and maybe some of them will look for revenge. This person has already owned a key to your property. If such a person thinks he has the right to barge into your apartment at any time, he can access your home successfully. Once you replace the keys, you will successfully create a strong boundary against any intruder.

Lifestyle change

Not every lock is a one-size-fits-all product. Sometimes, an able body can suddenly become disabled. That can cause difficulties in using a particular type of lock. Take, for instance, someone who suffers from a broken arm or wrist may find it hard to get through the door. So, using locks that fit such an individual condition can be necessary.

Damaged / Old Locks

Over the years the use of the lock will wear lock, In addition, locks for exterior doors are also affected by the weather which also shortens the life of the lock, usually, the lifetime of most of the locks is 5 five years. So basically you will have to replace your old locks with new ones every 5 years.

The Bottom Line

If any of the above situations correspond with your needs, you should hire a professional locksmith. At Locksmith Tucson, we help people enhance their security and accessibility to homes or workplaces. We can replace your lock to improve your entryway. With us, your lock security is guaranteed. Here is our locks services page:, you will find all the information about our locks services there.

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